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The model 1021A is a compact and economical power control solution for industrial applications that require high reliability and also long life…

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1021A Single-Phase Zero-Cross SCR Power Controller

Firstly, The model 1021A is a single-phase, zero-cross SCR power controller that controls the electrical power applied

to a single phase load by fast cycling, distributive zero-cross operation of a pair of SCR’s.

Additionally, the power applied to the load is linear with respect to the command signal.

Available command signals include 0/5Vdc, 0/10Vdc, or potentiometer.

The model 1021A is available with current ratings from 10 to 70 amps as well as voltage ratings from 120 to 575Vac.

Moreover, The fast solid state switching of the model 1021A provides superior performance over relays, contactors as

well as other slower cycling controllers by reducing temperature variations associated with the longer ON/OFF cycles

of those devices.

The result is a more precise control of the heating process as well as extended heater life.

Zero-cross control generates minimal RFI noise, virtually eliminating the possibility of interference with other

electronic equipment.

Line voltage compensation greatly reduces load power variations that result from line voltage changes.

Futhermore, this feature provides a more constant load power independent of line voltage variations.


Fast Cycling Distributive

Zero-Cross Control

Diagnostic LED

Line Voltage Compensation

Compact Size

Increased Heater Life

Isolated Heatsink as well as Command Signal

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