400 Series Bottleless Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler

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It features a premium four-stage RO system, so consumers can expect nothing less than freshwater with every pour from the cooler…


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400 Series Bottleless Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler

Brio Point-of-Use Water Cooler with Reverse Osmosis System is an advanced water cooler that uses a high-efficiency

reverse osmosis filtration system to eliminate contaminants and other organic matter.

The durable and sleek design makes it compatible with all types of public spaces, such as warehouses, offices and

break rooms.

The top of the line cooler provides users with hot, cold, and room-temperature water.

The hot water spout comes with a child safety lock, so the whole family can use it worry-free.

Reverse Osmosis

Instant access to healthy water, keeps you and your family hydrated all day every day.

The system powers through half a gallon every minute.

Includes first set of filters and all parts needed for installment.

Enhanced Usability

Easy to use push button spouts with a built in child safety lock.

This instant cooler also has a refill bottle alert to inform you when you need to replenish the water bottle in the


Oh, and of course you can choose between hot, cold, and room temperature water.

Unmatched Quality

The attractive sleek finish is made of superior quality 304 stainless steel, ensuring that you have only the finest cooler

on the market.

Rest assured that the self-cleaning ozone feature thoroughly cleans your cooler.

Tri-Temp Water Cooler

This unit can dispense 3 water temperatures from 3 different water spouts.

Hot, room temperature, and ice cold water is ready at your fingertips.

The hot water is steaming hot, perfect for coffee, tea and soup.

The cold water is crisp and cold, eliminating any need for ice.

A child safety lock accommodates the hot water faucet.

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