Candy Floss Sugar 1.5kg

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Candy Floss Sugar for Sale in Namibia. Find Candy Floss Sugar Near you for sale to make the ultimate Candy…


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Candy Floss Sugar 1.5kg

No need to mix or blend anything, These Candy Floss Mixes are ready to use.

Cotton candy has been captivating children and adults for many years now.

When those bright colors, light and soft texture, and luscious flavor all come together, the result is a classic sweet

treat that adds a perfect pop of fun to any occasion.

Fun Fact:

Cotton candy’s only made from two ingredients—air and colored sugar, which means that there is no fat content at


There is actually much more sugar in a 12 ounce can of soda than an average cone of cotton candy.

The way in which cotton candy’s created, using force that pulls air into threads, places more air than sugar into the


Another fun fact, All over the world, there are different versions of the cotton candy that we are familiar with in the

The United States and they are known by some very unique names.

For example, in France cotton candy is known as daddy’s beard, in Australia, it’s Fairy Floss, in China, you’ll find

dragon’s beard, and in the Netherlands, it’s called sugar spider.

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Weight .1 kg

Bubblegum Mix, Banana Mix, Cream Soda Mix, Grape Mix


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