Fibaro USA FGBHMS-001 Motion Sensor, HomeKit

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It is battery-powered and also designed to install quickly and easily on any surface. The eye-shaped LED indicator signals motion, temperature level, tampering and used to identify the accessory…


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In stock


Fibaro USA FGBHMS-001 Motion Sensor, HomeKit-enabled Multi-Sensor

Firstly, the FIBARO Motion Sensor is powered by a battery as well as requires no cables.

Universal bracket allows you to place it where you want – even on a wall or ceiling.

Additionally, Its location can change at any time.

Measurement of light intensity

FIBARO Motion Sensor will allow you to automatically adjust the lights according to the daylight.

The system will set the optimal lighting settings for everyone in the house, illuminating the space around the building

and also help you save energy.


In addition, this unusual device also allows you to measure temperature and light intensity.

Futhermore, equipped with an accelerometer, which will detect a change of location or any attempt to open the


Always perfect lighting

By measuring the light intensity, the FIBARO Motion Sensor will adapt the light to your needs.

The sensor’s motion monitor can also wait for your baby to sleep.

With FIBARO, you do not have to worry about your child’s sleep or your energy.

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