iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

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You don’t need to be a Genius to fix your electronics. You just need the right tools…


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In stock


iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

At the heart of the toolkit, 64 steel screwdriver bits to service all your tech accessories.

The Pro-Tech Toolkit has everything from a Y000 bit for next-gen Apple products to the Gambit for vintage game


We’ve engineered this toolkit from the ground up from the custom opening tools and spudgers to the iFixit-designed

aluminum driver with knurled handle and swivel top.

Flexible steel blade with an ergonomic handle for precise and powerful prying
Flex Extension
Extend your reach and get more torque to screws

Broken Isn’t The End

Screens crack.

Laptops slow. Batteries fail.

Wear and tear are normal, but throwing away fixable stuff shouldn’t be.

Repair is better for your wallet and the environment.

What’s in the box
1x Anti-Static Wrist Strap
1x Suction Handle
3x Opening Tools
6x Opening Picks
1x Nylon-Tip Reverse Tweezers
1x Blunt and Angled Tweezers
1x Standard Spudger
1x Halberd Spudger
1x Metal Spudger
1x Jimmy
1x Magnetic Pad
1x Compact Tool Roll
64x Bit Driver Kit

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