Jvedo Leather Hole Puncher Set

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The Leather Craft Hole Punch Tool Set is mainly aimed at leather handcraft workers, used for punching, pronging, and stamping process, improving efficiency and working quality…


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Jvedo Leather Hole Puncher Set

With 2Pcs Prong+2Pcs Hole Punch, Chuck, PP Plat for DIY Leather Craft Punching Holes, Heavy Duty Manual Press

Puncher Punch Tools

NOISE FREE]: Machine Stamping Instead of Beating Prongs with a Hammer, and you can work even at night or

when your child is sleeping, and you don’t have to worry about quarreling with your neighbors.

You can fully enjoy your hobby of leather craftsmanship.

[LABOR-SAVING]: Right-hand handle specification, labor-saving spring-driven type, the long handle can work even

with a small force, even if you work for a long time, it will not tire your hands.

Can improve work efficiency. Maximum pressing pressure: 160 kg.

[DRILL CHUCK]: Equip with 1.5-13mm Drill Chuck, it Could Achieve Punching, Pronging, Stamping and Other

Similar Functions by Clamping Various Tools;

[DRILLING NEATLY]: Since the hole can be drilled vertically without dislocation, the hole can be drilled neatly.

Especially when drilling holes in laminated leather, it has the advantage that the front and back are unlikely to be


[PRODUCT INFORMATION]: Leathercraft hand press, drill chuck, PP board.

We Bring Good Things To Your Leather Projects.
  • Make easy and precise holes in leather projects with this leather punch tool. From belt-making and crafts to bracelets and other leathercraft, this leather punch tool provides easy punching with a comfortable design for less hand fatigue.
  • Max 353 lbs of pressure (downforce) to good stamping effect.
  • Low operating noise.
  • With labor-saving spring
  • With different accessories to achieve multi-function
  • Quick installation and easy operation

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