PS5000 – Graphical Power Quality Analyzer

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The PowerSight PS5000 Power Quality Analyzer is the premier member of the PowerSight line of compact, versatile, easy-to-use power quality analyzers…

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PS5000 – Graphical Power Quality Analyzer

Firstly, It provides the Most Efficient and also Error Free Solution for doing Power Studies.

Also, the full color display eliminates the need for laptops to see waveforms and logs.

Phasor diagrams provide quick verification of connections.

Futhermore, The visual presentation of potential errors in connections and also settings, via SureStart, minimizes the

risk that the data will be incorrect at the end of the study.

The graphical user interface allows easy changing of trigger thresholds.

The large screen and “soft keys” allow quickly viewing all measurements of interest quickly.

Key benefits of graphics are:

-Firstly, Changes the triggering as well as data setup without using laptop

-Secondly, Graphical presentation of waveforms on the screen

-And also, Compact presentation of related measurements

-Large bold presentation of key measurements

-Graphic presentation of connection issues

-View Logs and Trends on the screen

-Additionally, Graphical presentation of harmonics

-Graphical and Table views of all data

-Lastly, Phasor diagrams, with relevant measurements

The PS5000 is a true hand-held three-phase power quality analyzer with the features and also accessories to achieve

success in your power monitoring study.

In addition, being part of the PowerSight “Start-To-Finish Monitoring Solution”, it has unique features as well as

accessories that you will not find elsewhere to:

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