SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Data Logging

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SM480V is ruggedly strong and employs a heavy-duty casing, reinforced hook, water-resistance (IP54), impact-resistant screen, strategically-placed thermocouple ports, and hermetically-sealed sight glass – all to ensure that SMANs are ready to withstand the rigors of field use…


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SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Wireless Data Logging

Firstly the brand: Fieldpiece

SMAN Manifold Micron Gauge (4 Port)

Newly designed SMAN manifold

Replacement for SMAN400 series

Four-valve manifold with micron gauge

Toughest, most advanced digital refrigerant manifold on the market

Air Conditioning/Refrigerant Digital Gauges for HVAC & Refrigeration

Fieldpiece’s laser focus on continuous improvement, coupled with years of feedback from HVAC and refrigeration

specialists have resulted in the SMAN Refrigerant Manifolds – the most advanced digital refrigerant manifold on the


Our wireless refrigerant manifolds have an extremely rugged over mold casing, reinforced hook, and hermetically

sealed sight glass, data logging, and tightness test so you can do your job easier, faster, and better.

The Benefits of a Digital Refrigerant Manifold & Vacuum Gauge

A digital refrigerant manifold is one of the most important HVACR tools as they are used to measure system

pressures and temperatures in an HVACR system.

Manifold and vacuum gauges can be used for both diagnostic and servicing purposes and alert a technician to low

and high pressures within the system.

Fieldpiece SM480V, known as SMAN, is the most advanced digital manifold on the market today and is the result of

decades of HVACR feedback combined with state-of-the-art HVACR technology expertise.

Our SMAN’s packed with the features you need to get the job done – easier, faster, and better.

Each device ruggedly constructed, portable, and versatile.

It is as powerful as they are easy to operate.

Plus, it works with our wireless scale, pipe clamps, and psychrometer and integrates seamlessly with our Job Link

System App.

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