SurmountWay High Precision Scale

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Surmountway high-precision weighing scale suitable for both commercial and home use.High precision and elegant appearance, suitable for Laboratory, industry, and Home Use.

It’s also ideal for the kitchen, Jewelry, medical studies, and school, etc…


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SurmountWay High Precision Scale

7.5kg x 0.1g Accurate Digital Laboratory Lab Industrial Scientific Electronic Scale Commerical Counting Kitchen

Scales Jewelry Gold Analytical Weighing(7500g,0.1g)

The precision counting scale shell’s made of the new ABS environmental protection material.

The weighing pan’s made of industrial-grade stainless steel.

Rugged, heat resistant, and anti-fall and corrosion resistant, and the weighing pan can easily disassemble and


The digital scale equipped with an upgraded high-sensitivity build-in sensor and it can respond within a few


Non-slip mat design makes this lab balance suits different weighing environment better.

After being upgraded by the manufacturer, the counting scale will not automatically shut down during use.

Don’t worry even if it is used for laboratory measurement.

6 units: gram, kg, ct, tl, ounce, dwt for 3kg, 5kg and 6kg capacity counting scales; 13 units: gram/ ct/ lb/ ounce/ dr/

gn/ ozt/ dwt/ MM/ tl.J/ tl.T/ tl.H/ t for 7.5kg and 10kg capacity counting scales.

This scientific scale can weigh multiple things like jewelry, screws, parts,coins,food and etc.

Widely applied to laboratories, kitchens, schools, commercial, industrial, agricultural.

All of our scientific counting scales have one year warranty and lifelong technical service.

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