Weicon Underwater Putty 0.5 kg

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Weicon Underwater Putty 0.5 kg

Features – The white adhesive is pasty, mineral-filled, temperature resistant up to 120°C and cures under water as well as on damp and wet surfaces...


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Weicon Underwater Putty 0.5 k

Details – WEICON UW Epoxy Adhesive is especially suitable for repairs and patching work, for example on pipes, pumps, tanks and containers.

Moreover the epoxy resin can be used in the entire marine and inland waterway sector, in sewage plants.

Similarly used wherever moisture and wetness are an adhesion problem.

Quality – 100% German Quality – The product fulfills the highest quality requirements in compliance with physical, safety, toxicological and ecological regulations.

Lastly accessories include – WEICON Fiberglass Tape 50mm, WEICON Processing Spatula short/long.


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